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Study Resources

The below list of resources are what I have found to be some of the most helpful teaching on the relevant topic. I hope you might find some value in them also as you study these topics.

Jonathan Leijen

Instruments in Worship

Rick Atchley - Both and Church

Randy Gill - A guitar player's life in the COC 

Use of Women's Gifts in Worship


 Not Off Limits - Ch 4 Can Women Lead The Christian Assembly by Ross Cochran



Rubel Shelly - Neither Male nor Female

Churches of Christ - Heritage and Future

Books (email to borrow one to read)

The Crux of The Matter: Crisis, Tradition, and the future of Churches of Christ by J Childers and Doug Foster

A Church That Flies: A New Call To Restoration in the Churches of Christ by Tim Woodroof

The Second Incarnation: A Theology for the 21st Century Church by R Shelly and R Harris

Renewing God's People: A Concise History of Churches of Christ by Garry Holloway.

Bible Study Methods and Interpretation

John Mark Hicks - Searching for the Pattern

John Mark Hicks - Command, Example, and Necessary Inference

John Mark Hicks - Contrasting Two Pattern

John Mark Hicks - Reading the Bible Like Jesus

Rubel Shelly - Basics of Biblical Interpretation

Mike Cope- Seminar Part 1
00:00 / 1:15:30
Mike Cope-Seminar Part 2
00:00 / 1:18:58
00:00 / 1:05:05
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