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Our Purpose


The purpose of our community centres around following Jesus together. Following Jesus is the common mission that unites us as a community. We believe that Jesus was the Son of God and call him Lord and Saviour. Following Jesus means that we endeavour to model our lives after his teachings and example. Jesus calls those who want to follow him to do so in community rather than alone.


In community we can encourage and help each other to grow in our walk following him. Together we continue the mission of God that Jesus began. The mission of God is reconciliation with his creation, us. Following Jesus leads us into living in harmony with God’s will and participating in this mission. We pursue this mission as we continue the work that Jesus started in showing people the way to having a relationship with God and no longer living in rebellion to Him. Our church has a three dimensional focus.

  1. Each of us is focussed on God, worshipping Him and living according to his will.

  2. We are focussed on each other. Loving, serving, and caring for each other while we help each other grow stronger in living according to God’s will.

  3. We also focus on those outside of our community, sharing with them the message of Jesus, endeavouring to live reflecting the example of Jesus, and inviting others into our community.

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