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Global Missions

Jeremiah's Hope Ukraine, ministering to the orphans and at risk youth of Ukraine

Jeremiah's Hope - Ukraine



• There are over 150,000 orphan children in Ukraine.

• Of the orphans who leave the orphanage each year, 10% will commit suicide   within one year.

• Following their years in the orphanage, 60% of the girls will end up involved in prostitution and 70% of the boys will enter a life of crime.

• “IF” they are fortunate enough to attend trade school, only 27% of them will find work following their graduation from trade or technical school.

• Only 10% of orphans are due to the death of their parents.

• The remaining 90% are social orphans – due to alcoholism, abandonment, financial incapability or imprisonment of their parents.


Our ministry takes shape through village outreach, orphanage outreach, camps, a Rescue Shelter and training conferences which all feed into our desire to lead orphans and at-risk youth into a relationship with Jesus Christ!


• Child Sponsorship

• Give one time or monthly

• Prayer - Follow facebook page for requests

• Mission Opportunities

For more information & to find out how you can get involved please go to the website.

Jeremiah's Hope Ukraine, ministering to the orphans and at risk youth of Ukraine

Bafi in Papua New Guinea


Ministering to churches throughout villages in Papua New Guinea.


For more information and to find out how you can get involved contact

Pat O'Dell at

Jeremiah's Hope Ukraine, ministering to the orphans and at risk youth of Ukraine

International Justice Mission



International Justice Mission protects the poor from violence in the developing world. They partner with local authorities to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems. IJM’s Justice System transformation programs combat everyday violence against the poor, including slavery, sex trafficking and sexual violence, property grabbing, police abuse of power and citizenship rights abuses.  IJM Australia joins in this mission globally and works locally to grow the movement of Australians seeking justice for the oppressed.

A group of members at Holland Park are Justice Advocates for IJM. On a monthly basis we hold sausage sizzles at the church building to raise money for IJM to continue all the great work that they do.



- Learn More: Watch IJM Founder Gary Haugen’s TED Talk

- Become a Justice Advocate "Your voice can help bring freedom"

- Volunteer your time to help out at monthly sausage sizzles

- Go to monthly bible studies with IJM advocates

- Become a Freedom Partner – Pray for Freedom: Get IJM’s regular Prayer Updates   or help fund the fight by giving monthly

For more info about IJM Australia and what they do visit the website.


To find out how you can get involved with IJM at Holland Park Church of Christ email Shannon at

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